Automate the purchase and renewal of any SaaS product
Without lifting a finger
Analysis of your SaaS stack by specialists

Even before you become a client, we’ll analyze your SaaS stack absolutely for free. You need to give us data about your current SaaS purchases, after which we’ll show you how much money you could save by cooperating with us. All we need to know is the following:

  • vendor names
  • annual amounts
  • renewal dates
You share your SaaS budget savings estimates

At this point, you tell us exactly what you think your SaaS budget should look like, what could waste a significant portion of it in the long run, and what technological innovations you’d like to implement. Roughly speaking, this is where we define the following goals:

  • How much your annual SaaS budget should be reduced
  • What you can spend the freed-up funds on
  • How to make the buying process run like clockwork
Look at how spending goes down and the SaaS stack efficiency goes up

Once we’ve determined that we’re on the same page about your business requirements, we use our specialists’ expertise to find a way to deliver the biggest savings in the shortest time possible. As a result, you’re guaranteed to get:

  • Reduced cost
  • Increased number of users or plan tier
  • Improved payment terms
You do what’s really crucial and we do the rest

While you’re busy with the strategic planning, we take care of all the nuances of approving purchases with finance, legal, and security. Our buyers will oversee:

  • Signing the financial budget
  • Signing the security clearance
  • Signing the legal opinion

We could write 1000 more words on how everything works and what you’ll get from it.

But don’t listen to us, listen to our clients instead

SaaS vendor management done right
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