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/ month billed yearly
  • 100-500k annual SaaS spend
  • 10 k savings guarantee
  • Dadicated Manager
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited suppliers
  • Team of expert buyers
  • Renewal management
  • Supplier negotiations
  • New tool purchases
  • Contract logistics
  • Usage Analytics


/ month billed yearly
  • 500k-1m annual SaaS spend
  • 60 k savings guarantee


request estimate
  • 1m + annual SaaS spend
  • 300 k saving guarantee
That’s what our clients ask most often

What if I already have a tool for SaaS management?

This means that you can continue to use it by combining all its advantages with the services we provide. Some of our clients use advanced tools like Zylo, Intello, G2Track, etc. However, none of these tools are capable of communicating with providers on your behalf, at most reminding you of subscription renewal dates. 

In turn, we will take care of all the hassle of communicating with suppliers and optimizing costs. We have experience with these types of solutions and we’ll do our best to ensure that their advantages and our expertise will lead to the best result possible.

Do you guarantee that cooperation with you will be profitable?

Yes, we provide guarantees that the funds saved by us will be more than you spend on cooperation with us in a year of work. If this doesn’t happen, we’ll refund the difference to you.

I don't have a fully organized SaaS stack, should I partner with you?

It’s time to contact us because we’ll take care of all the arrangements. We’ll track and organize all contracts, renewal dates, correspondence, and more, and then add the data to your system. One of our cornerstones of work is to organize a SaaS stack in the shortest possible time, and therefore we’ll begin negotiations with suppliers 120 days before the deadline.

Do you calculate the cost of your services depending on the percentage of savings?

No, the cost of our services is a flat retainer and depends on the percentage of expenses. You will only pay if we really benefit you and save you money.

Are you a software or a service?

First and foremost, we are a service with live buyers working for you. Software in our work is used only to improve the quality of service, speed of work, and transparency of cooperation.

Will you take over the legal or security aspects?

We are ready to be the central point of contact for facilitating relevant documentation (e.g. MSA, DPA, OF, etc.). However, we are not a law firm or cybersecurity agency, and therefore do not provide legal advice, remediation, or vendor security reviews.

Who will I have to do business with after registration?

We’ll assign two specialists to cooperate with you:

  1. Account manager for regular communication and strategic meetings.
  2. Dedicated buyer to manage SaaS vendor relationships and purchases.

In both cases, you will have a highly qualified specialist at your disposal. Managers will keep you informed of all aspects of cooperation, and buyers are real SaaS sales experts with many years of experience. Rest assured that whatever these guys do will benefit you.

What information is needed to start cooperation with you?

We need data about your SaaS stack in a spreadsheet, tool, or any other form, as well as your SaaS purchase and renewal requirements, such as finance, legal, security, along with a list of any purchases/renewals. If you do not have any of these or you are just thinking about buying a SaaS stack, contact us and our specialists will discuss all the nuances with you.

How long will it take to establish cooperation with you?

As fast as possible. In particular, the approximate time frames are as follows:

  • Onboarding: A 60-minute kick-off call during which we will go over all the financial, legal, and security details. 
  • First 6 weeks: Each week our specialist will sync with you for 30 minutes. 
  • After 6 weeks: 30-minute bi-weekly sync with your central contact. (By this time we guarantee complete readiness from our side).

How do you calculate savings?

It depends on the specific situation and is calculated on a case-by-case basis. In general, there are the following criteria:

  • The total cost of the contract before and after the start of cooperation with us.
  • Speed ​​improvement before and after the start of cooperation with us.
  • Identification and closure of duplicate software.
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